Troy Marjenhoff

About Troy

Hello there! A bit about me.

I am passionate about living joyfully, consciously growing and evolving, and being in touch with what nourishes me--so many things! As a person and teacher I am known for my calm presence, deep wisdom, and childlike delight.

My courses and yoga classes invite students to relax, be nourished, and become more intimate with their innate wholeness. I thoughtfully choose activities which  encourage participants to experience genuine connection with themselves, while being in community, and to be present with “what is happening now.”

I received my B.A. in Religion from University of Florida, where I was fascinated with world religions and cultures, and fell in love with 'Spirituality in Healthcare.'  During my time at UF, I volunteered and took classes with Shands Hospital’s Arts in Medicine program, where I witnessed the healing benefits of creative arts. Just after graduation I immersed myself in a Yoga Teacher Training Program, and have cherished beholding my own, and many people’s transformation through yoga. I am a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, a community and organization that I have been part of since 2005, and studied more intensely with since 2011. All of these rich experiences inform my class style and how I live and teach. 

What nourishes me? My loving relationships, yoga, relaxing in the sunshine, playing with kids, making art, and being present. I live in the Bay Area, and have a special affinity for babies, moms, picnics, and waffles.