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What are moms saying?...

"The Mama Wellness Program with Troy is a sweet reprieve from the constant demands of motherhood in the Covid era. It felt like time slowed down with Troy...and I was able to really be present and tend to my own needs, feelings and body... I came out of each class feeling nourished, seen, and so much calmer. Troy’s genuine cheer, unconditional acceptance, and skilled guidance are a gift to mamas everywhere." -Megan Condit-Chadwick 

"Taking the mama wellness program with Troy was a breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed the sense of community it brought and the unity of other mothers in a safe and nurturing space...I highly recommend this program for any mama who wants more balance in their life." -Kaitlin R.

"If I'm cashing in my partner's watch-the-baby credits...I want to feel like I've gotten something really valuable for that baby-free 'me time.' And I think it's a huge compliment to Troy that I always felt that after the Mama Wellness sessions...though I started out strong when the world shut down, after months and months of isolation, things started going downhill. I let my formerly-regular physical activity just kind of disappear, and my motivation and mood basically followed in that downward trajectory. So Troy's Mama Wellness...was exactly the bump I was needing to get back on track... if you need a boost, if you need to do some yoga, if you need to be in a little community of moms that truly knows what your daily life looks like...if you just need to somehow feel peaceful and calm while lying on a yoga mat in your messy kitchen - I say look no further." -Angelene S.

Mama Wellness Program

Mama Wellness Program 8 week Course​​

Improve your well-being with yoga, meditation, writing, and self-care activities. Create a do-able routine for yourself to feel better, and to have more calm amidst the demands of motherhood.

Troy Marjenhoff

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This program is for you if...

"When I signed up for this program, I was feeling very overwhelmed by external and internal circumstances, some I could control and some I couldn't. By offering different forms of wellness...this program helped me explore different ways to improve my well being and gave me tools to incorporate them easily into my busy schedule." - Jackie B.

-You wish for peace-of-mind, to feel less overwhelmed and stressed,

but you're not really sure where to start. 

-You want to make your wellness a priority,

but it just keeps falling off your plate,

you need some structure to help make it happen.

-You wish you had tools to be a calmer, happier version of you.

-You love connecting with good people,

but find it hard to squeeze in social time.

​-You'd love to do more yoga, some more exercise would feel great!

​​​-1 session each week via zoom

-each session 1.5 hours

-$249 for the 8 week course

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