Troy Marjenhoff

"Troy creates a true sense of community in her classes. The friendly and playful atmosphere allows students to connect and play in a judgement-free zone. Troy's classes offer both challenge and versatility, which has allowed my practice to grow and evolve throughout the years. Troy reminds us to rest when needed, while also providing opportunities to challenge ourselves and try new things. I always leave class feeling relaxed, yet accomplished." -Madison H.

"I have known Troy Marjenhoff as a yoga teacher for some time now. I began taking her evening flow classes several years ago, always drawn to her sweet, mellow vibe, her focus on form, and her no-pressure approach to yoga. Troy embodies what to me is the true art of yoga--that magical dance of breath work, physical poses, and acceptance of wherever you are in that moment. Several years later, when I got pregnant, I continued to take Troy’s prenatal classes, and they were a goddess-send. Every weekend, I went to get that hour of Troy treatment, as my body went from barely pregnant to about to burst. This class provided a perfect combination of mental and physical birth preparation (ask her about her “Tapas” exercises), as well as a safe and supportive space in which to be real about pregnancy and connect with other mamas. Finally, I have done all of Troy’s mini-retreats for mamas thus far, and they have provided a space in which to connect with self, source, and much-cherished silence. 

Troy is a gem--a humble teacher, a well-informed guide, and a person whose compassion and heart guide her practice." -Drea Muldavin

"I started taking prenatal yoga classes with Troy when I was 12 weeks pregnant and continued through the rest of my pregnancy. I always looked forward to her Sunday morning class, for both her rejuvenating yoga routine and her calming positivity. At the beginning of each class, Troy would check in about ailments that were bothering us that week. Then she would integrate specific stretches into the routine to address our needs. She also had us set an intention for each practice. For me, this meant dedicating it my little one and I felt like I was doing good for both my self and him. When it came time to deliver, my yoga practice became an invaluable tool. To everyone around me, I seemed very calm. So much in fact, that I was at 10 centimeters and the hospital staff didn’t realize how far along I was. A true testament to the power of prenatal yoga, and to Troy! Now that I’m on the other side of pregnancy, I will truly miss her Sunday morning classes. Out of all the yoga classes I’ve taken over the years, I can honestly say that my time with Troy has been some of the most joyful and rewarding I’ve ever experienced." -Lisa B.

"Troy brings an openness and gentle sensibility to her yoga classes. I love how she asks us if we have any particular requests at the beginning of class and always manages to effortlessly fold this into the flow of our practice. She has a playful sense of humor that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously, and she's very open to receiving feedback."  – Melissa S.